Turmeric Powder Benefits and Uses

What is Turmeric Powder?

We all may have some little knowledge about curcumin and turmeric powder benefits but before some discussion lets get some historical knowledge about it.

Turmeric is a plant mainly found in South East Asia known for its benefits in many ways.  

It contains some chemicals named “Curcumin” which belong to the ginger family it is active ingredient.  All the benefits kept in that chemical due to this it looks yellow in color.

Health Benefits of Turmeric a diet life

Turmeric roots is grind to make turmeric power then people use it in different ways like to make their dishes looks awesome by adding aroma and color. It looks like ginger and taste warm and bitter. It’s an Indian ancient spice.

Some Benefits of Turmeric Powder:

If you consume turmeric power daily in your food then it will be very helpful for your body and mind. There is scientific proof that consuming turmeric in any way will be beneficial for body, stomach, legs etc.

Cucumin Powder Benefits are:

  • May help reduce joint pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Have strong antioxidant properties.
  • May improve brain functions.
  • Protect from Heart Diseases.
  • May helps lower Blood Pressure level.
  • Contribute Vitamin D and calcium to bones.
  • May Reduce the Risk of Cancer.
  • May help reduce depression and improve mood.
  • Has an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial property.
  • May Improve Digestion.

Note: there is no clinical evidence that Turmeric power is good for health or not but it is used in Ayurvedic Medicine from long years.

Does Turmeric Powder cause kidney stones?

Yes, consumption of heavy supplement doses of cinnamon and turmeric increase the risk of hyperoxaluria.

Does Turmeric help you lose weight?

Yes, in a study conducted by Tufts University found that curcumin affects the fat tissues which help reduce the bad fat in the body and looks beautiful.

Does Turmeric help with dark spots?

Yes, every girl having problem of looking more beautiful than other girl. Its anti-microbial and anti-oxidant property it can be useful for skin.

Turmeric face mask can be used to brighten the skin by reducing dark spots, reduce wrinkles to look younger and improving overall skin tone.

Does Turmeric make you poop?

Yes, we have so many problems related to daily routine. In which one is connected directly to our stomach although we can’t focus on our daily work with our stomach feels heavy.

A small survey in Japan holds on this to discover the problem of poop in time.

They have founded that people who eat food uses turmeric power let them help to improve digestion and decrease spending time in toilet seat.

Does turmeric help with inflammation?

Yes, it has a property to reduce inflammation and also reduce joint pains.

Benefits of Turmeric Powder on skin:

Many people around the world use turmeric to treat their skin for:

  • Wounds & Insect bites: curcumin helps reduce inflammation and oxidation occurs due to wounds.
  • Blisters: Turmeric has anti-septic and inflammatory properties to help maintain skin in normal condition.
  • Bruises: to promote pain relief due to anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Acne: apply turmeric face mask to reduce acne and wrinkles which makes skin glow.
  • Boils & Blisters: boil a teaspoon of turmeric in water or milk and drink it three times a day to treat boils.
  • Herpes: curcumin can stop the herpes genital virus.
  • Eczema: it allure as a complementary treatment
  • Ulcers: it reduces the effects of inflammation by ulcers.

How to make homemade turmeric mask?

So many girls want beautiful face and looks good in front of other people to get compliment. Here you can use it with less investment at home.


  • 1 tbsp. rice or chickpea floor
  • 2 tsp. turmeric powder
  • 2 tsp. natural yogurt
  • 1 tsp. runny honey
  • 1 tsp. grated lemon peel

Process for face mask:

  1. Mix all the ingredients altogether.
  2. Cleanse your skin.
  3. Make sure your hair tied and not touch your face.
  4. Apply to entire face.
  5. Leave the mask on for 20 min, then rinse off.
  6. At last, slowly rinse off your face with cold water.

How to consume turmeric powder?

It can consume in many ways like to add it in your daily food to taste and to give aroma in it. Change the color of your food. Drink Golden milk made with turmeric power.

Golden Milk / Haldi Milk benefits?

Turmeric powder is recall as Haldi in Hindi used by Indians mostly in India.

We will learn how to make milk with turmeric powder or haldi Golden Milk and its benefits by drinking it to take every inch of turmeric benefits to add Haldi.

How to make Golden milk or Haldi Milk to take its benefit?

Haldi milk is easy to make at home. For a single serving of haldi milk or about one cup, simply follow this recipe:

  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) of milk of your choice without adding any sweet
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder or 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • 1 pinch of ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup (optional)

To make the golden milk, simply mix all the ingredients one by one in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 7 to 8 minutes or until fragrant and flavorful. Strain it through a fine strainer into mugs and add a pinch of cinnamon.

Howecer, haldi milk can also be made in advance and stored in your refrigerator for up to five days. Simply reheat it before drinking.

Are there any Side effects of turmeric powder?

Person who is suffering from any of the diseases strictly avoid using turmeric. Who has liver diseases, gallstones, obstruction of the bile duct, cholangitis or any other biliary disease.

The most common side effects observed in clinical studies are gastrointestinal and include constipation, dyspepsia, diarrhea, distension, gastro esophageal reflux, nausea, vomiting, yellow stool and stomach ache.

Is turmeric good for dogs?

First question occur while asking this is that “is it safe for dogs?” what we know that there is no research on it that it is safe for your pet or not.

But yes we can add very little amount of it in your pet’s food for flavor or to add some color in it as we can read it written on some products of dog’s food. It is not good for anti-inflammatory issue in pets like humans.

Does Turmeric help you beat COVID-19?

It increases the immunity power of the body which helps you fight with symptoms of diseases includes COVID-19. It is not proven scientifically or written on anywhere.

But the fact is that there is no one who declines this statement to prove turmeric can’t cure COVID-19 disease or reduce its effect.


Excessive of anything can harm the body. We recommend to consult your doctor before applying our tips if you have any serious injury or allergy. If you like the tips or need to change or add anything in it please feel free to contact us.

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